Newi. & Riverside Trails

Steve and I rode the Newington Park for a few hours and Ryan Staron and Chris Piascik were also there riding. Steve was throwing down his usual "thinking out of the box" tricks...peg manuals to grinds, toboggan luc-e grinds, etc. and Ryan Staron was blasting the big quarter. Ryan's a youngin' and going bigger each time he's on the bike. Must be that crazy Jake Lineberry syndrome rubbing off on him! The park was pretty infested with groms and scooter rats so Steve, Chris, and I shot over to the Riverside Trails in Cromwell for a tiny dirt jump session before dark. It was nice to get out in ride...was off the bike for a full week due to the holiday and what not. Should be hitting up Haven tomorrow night, looking forward to it!

Newi. & Riverside Trails photos: CLICK HERE

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