Ten Ten Ten!

Yes, it was 10/10/10 and we rode our faces off. Bry, Jake, Sean Milnes, Jay O. and I rode the Guilford Skatepark for a few hours. The park is a fun layout and the movable bench and picnic table make for great sub box and wall ride set-ups on the decks. Sean was getting rad on his fixed gear and making me it's gotta be scary pulling tricks like that fakie wallride while you're feet are in pedal straps! After the park Jay, Bry, and I headed up to the Wayside Trails in Berlin and met up with Schmidty and Mercenary Steve to do some dirt jumping. The trails were running really nice and that place is always nice...cause the soil is moist and it's woodsy and shady. We rode the main line for a bit and decided to get in a few runs down at The Lot, so we beat feet over to Middletown. All in all it was a super fun day with 5 hours of solid riding. I really needed that fresh air and on bike time after last weeks puke fest!

Ten ten ten photos: CLICK HERE

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