Wild Weekend

Despite being a gimp, I had a pretty rad weekend. Saturday night was the Fancy 50 Fest at the Perry's Compound and it was bonkers! Those kids on those 50's rip! Dave Blachura, Steve Gullitti, and Garrett Pyskaty were throwing down some burly tricks over the center jump. I snapped a bunch of photos, had a few sodas, and watched a bunch of madness ensue. On Sunday I met up with Dave and Bry at The Lot for a while as they cleaned up the new line a bit and rode for a while. Dave was trying 270's out of the slanted wallride and Bry came close to landing a tailwhip out of it! What an ideal Fall weekend, great weather!

Fancy 50 Fest Photos: CLICK HERE

Sunday Lot Photos: CLICK HERE

MTB, BMX, Dirt bike...Blachura gets it done in the air!

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