Blah's B-Day Jam

Despite the monsoon rains on Saturday, Blachura's B-Day Dirt Jump Jam still went on yesterday and was off the hook! Riders came from Mass, Rhode Island, and around CT to get rad at The Lot. I arrived at the jumps at 7:15am to pull the tarps and let the sunshine get to work drying up as much as it could by 2pm. Arnwine, Blachura, and Steve Morse showed up and slaved for a solid 3-4 hours blow torching the wet sets, slinging dirt, raking, etc. By 3pm the riders were starting to arrive and the place was pretty mint. At it's peak, the jam saw 40 or so riders & spectators gather at The Lot. People we're blasting the big line and Steve Morse and Schmidt carved out a dirt vert wall that was heavily sessioned. Thanks to everyone that came out and had a good time! A huge thanks to Steve G. and his family for letting us over-run The Lot...and of course, a Happy Birthday to Blachura (even though it isn't till Tuesday).

Rumor has it Schmidt will be having a jam at his trails on Saturday, November 7th. I'll get a flier with details posted soon so check back.

Blah's B-Day Jam Photos: CLICK HERE

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