More from Blah's Jam...

Justin Luong shot some dope photos at the jam on Sunday. Head over to his Flickr and take a look. Damn, I need to get a few strobes and some remotes!

Below you'll see Matty Still throwing down a nothing. It was so rad to see Matty, Aaron, and Stan make the trip down from Mass. to ride at the jam. I used to ride with those dudes a few times a week back in the old MSC and Chicopee warehouse days, but sadly those days are long gone and we rarely see one another. Fortunately, Matty's creation Team EAST has been doing well and the guys are passing through CT on a pretty regular basis to do stunt shows. Hopefully we'll see some of these guys and most of the other riders from sunday at The Wayside Trails Jam on the 7th!

Justin's Flickr: CLICK HERE

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