Pawtucket Skatepark

T and I were in Rhode Island yesterday visiting her family and no Rhode trip is complete without a stop at Circuit BMX. I'm always super stoked to walk into Vic's shop! The place is chock full of BMX goodness and has a really chill vibe...mood lighting, music, etc. While in the area we checked out the new Pawtucket Skatepark. I was quite impressed, it's a pretty rad layout! I'm not going to lie, I almost teared up knowing I still can't ride for another 3-4 months! We'll be Rhode tripping back soon with the whole crew for an early morning session at the park and possibly a visit to Vic's trails. Be sure check to out Circuit BMX if you're in the Providence area...and be sure to bring some spending won't be disappointed!!

Pawtucket Park Photos: CLICK HERE

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