Jay's Ramp Sesh.

Arnwine and I headed over to Jay's ramp last night to meet up with a bunch of riders and skaters. I haven't been to Jay's since April, but it sounds like most Tuesday nights through the Fall/Winter there will be an evening session. The place is pretty tight seeing the ramp is in the middle of a working factory, so I only had 2 or 3 vantage points I could take photos from with my bum arm. Typically I'm crawling through all the nooks with the wide angle lens, but I just shot with the kit 18-55 lens for once. Arnwine started off the night with a bang landing his first ever tailwhip air on a quarter. Bry proceeded to land several more whips throughout the night and was attempting to learn downside whips. Schmidt was beasting it like usual...much more literally know...seeing he is rocking the shaved head and mega beard looking like the love child of Mr. T and Kimbo Slice. Schmidt blasted one of his signature grizz air outs and of course I missed the shot! Maybe next week? Ry Howard from Cutting Edge was killing the ramp on his board. That was the first time I ever really saw anybody skate the ramp fast and clean. I'm psyched that we may be at Jay's once a week from here on out. I love that place!

Jay's Ramp Photos: CLICK HERE

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