Sunrise Session

So I headed over to the Groton Skatepark at 7 AM to meet Don Pavelka and do some riding. Yeah, I know 7 is super early, but Groton doesn't allow bikes and the skaters and cops aren't usually to thrilled with us!!! Don showed up around 8 and 15 minutes into his session his steerer tube on his fork snapped. I can't believe he didn't crash and eat it, cause he was jumping a gap and was about 4 feet in the air. That session came to a quick and bitter end so I headed an hour north to meet Tiny Tyrant and a bunch of other little rippers over at the Newington Park. I shot a pretty rad video of Brandon, check it out...

Tiny Tyrant with a spine 180 to rollout

WOW! How does steel just break in half like that!!!

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