Best session of 2006!

So Matt Lolli and I headed out on a Friday night street mission all over Connecticut. Out travels took us to Cromwell, Wallingford, Hamden, and back to Middletown at just about 1:00 AM!!! Tonight was the most successful session of the year for me, I got a ton a lot of stuff done and it was fun as hell!!! Matt shot a ton of film which I am really looking forward to seeing. He was running all over each spot with his camera and tripod, switching lenses, and setting up the best shots. Tonight we even resorted to using my car headlights to session a few spots. Nothing beats a sick summer time street session!!! Until Matt gets his film developed enjoy the few really rad shots he took with my digital camera. Thanks Matt! Check out the photos at Tyrant's Flickr.

Loading dock launch over a shopping cart.

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