The Good and the bad!!!!

So I took a day off from riding a helped build the 6 foot monster hip at P. Krol's for the better portion of the afternoon. We are making a lot of progresss and it looks as though the P. Krol Jump Jam on July 1st is going to be INSANE!!! Check out the pics below of stuff! In other news, I think I am the dumbest person ever!!! I went solo steet riding tonight, and I swore never to ride alone again after the October crash of last year that resulted in missing teeth and a cracked skull and a titanium rod in my skull!!! It was warm out and I was itching to ride! I let down my guard and sure enough I got jacked! My left arm is seriously bruised and I have 3 full forearm length deep scrapes that are very harsh!!! Hey, you know what they say, "you wanna play , you gotta pay!"

Dave Blachura "ain't right!" Monsterous back flip!!!

The huge hip is coming to life for the jam in 2 weeks!!! Dave Blachura trying to be David Blaine and levitate...look!!!

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