Sunday Evening Session

So I went and rode the P-Banks with the Urban MTB crew and it was pretty wild! Blachura decided to huck himself over this monsterous gap.....and after landing it the first time he decided he needed to do it 3 more times! It was pretty sick! There is an asphalt incline that goes up to about 4.5 feet and if you gap off the side its a 12-20 foot gap to the bank landing depending on where you hit it. Dave jumped the biggest gap possible and I'm sure if the top of the ramp wasn't overgrown with vines and bushes he'd huck it even bigger! Check out the photos at Tyrant's Flickr. After the banks we headed over to P.Krols to work on the 4 pack to 7 foot quarter and rode a little when it was dialed in. After I left apparently Blachura started throwing down backflips..cehck out the video below. Goodtimes for sure! I was on the bike for 8 full hours today!!!

That boy ain't right!!!

Dave Blachura's got backflips dialed on his MTB

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