Frigid Fall Session

So a crew on us met up at the Clinton Park for a night session under the lights. I was so suprised when we got to the park, there were only 10 kids there....that was a first!!! Usually the place is infested, but I guess kids hate the cold. Anyway, it was a good session and as usual people were going off. Don Pavelka was 360 whipping like it was his job, Ashley Crabb rose from the dead and threw down some radness including a few backflips, Arwine did the smallest wallride ever like 6 feet back out a quarter, and Garrett Pyskaty was fine tuning his tail whipping skills. All in all it was a fun time...minus the low 40 degree temperatures!!! Check out the madness at TYRANT'S Photos. As always, thanks for scoping out the blog!

Garrett Pyskaty tail whipping the box

"Hulk Hogan eat your heart out...a backflip!" from Crabb

Can you say dialed!!!

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