So I had this idea to go riding this weekend, but my doctor, friends, family, and Jess shot it down really quick. I was told to stay off the bike for 4 weeks and its only been 3, so the waiting game goes on. With this ridiculous weather I knew Wethersfield would be packed so I headed over and shot some film of Schmidt. Tomorrrow, Sunday the 6th, a lot of people are headed over to ride so come on down...I'll be snapping photos. After the park we went and visited "Tiny Tyrant" Brandon Begin and the family and watched him shred his backyard ramp. This kid isn't even a teenager yet and he is a total ripper!

Scmidt with a gap to manual

Schmidt airing out the 6 foot tranny

Brandon with a footplant on his wallride

"Tiny Tyrant" with a wallslap.....I just learned those a few years ago!

Smith wall stall to fakie

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