Back on the bike

So I got the docs ok to ride again and I am psyched. I bought a mouth guard for extra safety and I was off to the park bright and early today. I rode Wethersfield for an hour or so, but it was so mobbed I had to leave. I headed over to the Begin's for the second weekend in a row and I actually got to ride this time. Let me tell you, Brandon gets better by the day. The kid is 11 and his wall slaps were higher than mine today (look at the wall slaps he did today and look back at last weekends photos. He gained like 2 feet in height in a week!) I was happy to land a fakie wall slap and a smith wall stall. It was so nice to ride again and spend the day with a good rider and good friend.

"Tiny Tyrant" with a darkside one footer

Wall slapping 2 feet higher than last weekend

Airing out on a sweet transfer from the 5 to 6 footer

Fakie Wall Slap - Photo by Brandon Begin

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