It was bright and sunny today, but the heat wave finally broke...though 80 is still pretty warm! T, Steve, Arnwine, Sean Milnes, and I rode the Guilford Skatepark for a few hours late this morning/early afternoon. The park has been re-painted with a very nice textured ramp sealant and it's so tacky. T rode her new bars for the first time today and Seam rode his new Subrosa on ramps for the first time as well. Both were looking comfy and having fun! Arnwine was throwing some barspins today...and running his new prototype grip socks...both were rad! It got really hot and the Guilford Park has very little shade so we shot over to The Lot for a bit. Schmidt and his fixed gear buddy Brian where waiting on us at The Lot. The jumps were pretty dusty, but everything was rideable and we took some runs before forfeiting to the heat and exhaustion. Another fun Summer session in the books!

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