July 4th Holiday Weekend

This weekend was pretty wild!

Saturday T, Steve, and I made our way up to Matty Still's place in Mass. for the Team EAST BBQ/Matty's B-Day Bash. We sessioned the box jump for a while then headed over to the old Orchard Trails and had a pretty fun session there. It was great to see some old faces and everyone was having a good time. Thanks for having us Matty! T got a special delivery from Macisco, her new Nina Buitrago DK Bars...she's psyched!!! Thanks Mike.


Sunday, the 4th, we hung out at the lake and Steve and Melissa came by. At night we headed over Steve's place to partake in the typical Fourth of July antics...FIREWORKS! Good times!!


Monday I rode a few local spots, nearly sweated to death, and then went over and checked out The Lot. The place is hurting, it needs water SO BAD! We topped the day off at Eli's Clam Bake on the patio. Lots of food and drink and lots of fun. Thanks T!!

What a kick a$$ 3 day weekend! Loving Summer...though this 95+ degree heat is rough!

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