Building Jumps, When We Needed an Ark!

Yesterday afternoon was pretty insane! Bry and I were about to go help dig a P. Krol's house on his new dirt line and pump track but torrential downpours delayed their progress...until later in the day. Bry and I threw on some ponchos and headed to The Lot to give it hell stacking some fresh soil on the 8 pack. I swear it rained about 1-2" in the hour we worked there! Streams were flowing everywhere down the pitched lot and I sunk in ankle deep on several occasions. Regardless, we got the 4th jump and lander stacked up so that the rain can pack them down. We also patched up the first three jumps in the line and Bry is headed back today to do some fine tuning. Rumors are swirling about a Cutting Edge Jam at The Lot in 2 weeks? I'll have details posted as soon as I get them.

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