RIP Rutland

We were talking the other day about parks we used to ride 5-10 years ago. So many of the good old parks have long since been shut down but a lot still remain and new ones are popping up here and there. I brought up the Rutland Park, a place we drove up to a few times a Summer for several years. I was planning a trip up in the next few weeks, we haven't been there since like 2006. Sadly today I found out the Rutland, Mass park was demolished in late 2007. Damn, I had no idea! That park was a super fun set-up. I loved that 6' mini ramp with 6' spine burly! I have fond memories of the day we squeezed 5 people into my Carolla and had 5 bikes illegally rigged on the roof heading North to Rutty and Macisco was a spazz the whole way there...all 1.5 hours! :) Such a drag it's gone! RIP Rutland.

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