Track, Park, & Lot

This weekend was super fun, we did a ton of riding! We headed over to the Falcon BMX track on Friday night to meet up with Stampede Ben and his daughters to do a little riding. Everybody was hustling around the track having a good time and Bry and Blachura were boosting some tricks out and over the 3rd berm wall. We rode well into the darkness, gotta love those long Summer days!

Yesterday we were on the road at 11am and headed to the Guilfrod Skatepark. The sun was blaring, it was in the mid-80's, and it was brutal riding...but we hung in for a few hours. More boosting was going on with Bry and Dave throwing down some tailwhips off the quarter to wedge. After cooking for nearly 2 hours we retreated to Krol's backyard for a little dirt action in the sahde. Pete's big line was pretty rough and needed some loving, so we rode the fiberglass quarter to dirt lander most of the afternoon. With a donated wheel from Arnwine, T's bike is now running 30/11 gearing and she was looking pretty comfy almost clearing the jump a number of times. Krol was tweaking some mini-tables over the jump and coming damn close to landing 360's. I apologize, my camera batteries were dead and charging, so I didn't get any photos at Petes. After Pete's we all headed to The Lot to jump the newly revamped big line. With 6 foot wooden kickers and monster dirt landers the line was really intimidating, but most of us made it through. Arnwine was landing some pretty 360's off the 2nd set and clicking turndowns. Sadly, there were a few gnarly crashes late in the day. Blachura landed awkward off the 3rd jump and Krol's and rolled his ankle which resulted in immediate swelling. That thing is sprained for sure and Dave took the rest of the day off keeping ice on it. Damn, the Highland Comp. is in 4 days!!! Tiny TYRANT blasted over the 1st jump at The Lot and launched the 2nd one ever higher resulting in a scary mid-air bail out from 10 feet up. Brandon landed in a tuck-and-roll and got shaken up a bit. After the cobwebs cleared he had a nice strawberry burn on his right shoulder, but it could have been a lot worse! Brandon too took the rest of the day off. Despite the few falls, we rode for nearly 8 hours and everybody appeared to be having a good time. Hot fun in the Summer time!

Track Photos: CLICK HERE
Park & Lot Photos: CLICK HERE

Tony's view from The Lot

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