Blast from the Past!

Arnwine, T and I headed over to the Cromwell Skatepark this evening and were joined by local BMX legend, Punk Rock Steve. Steve Morse is back in the 860 and riding his bike a ton. Nothings changed, Steve is still throwing down his dialed can can's, turndowns, peg manuals, etc. It was fun to ride with an old BMX friend, it's been 5+ years since we'd ridden with Steve. Good times for sure! Expect to see more or Steve on here in the near future. Arnwine was trying to hurricane the 5 foot quarter and was getting SO close. I guarantee he lands one in the next week. I had fun riding my Deuce Deuce on ramps for the first time. That bike is huge, but I love it! T and I are off to Boston till Sunday night with hopes of hitting up a few parks while we're up there. Have a rad weekend everyone!

Tonight's Photos: CLICK HERE

Steve's Freecoasting Rollback to Can Can

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