Some Lot, Some Street

I headed over to The Lot last night around 6 to meet up with Arnwine and Bla. The guys sessioned the jumps for a bit, but it was super dry and hot a hell out in the open...so it was short lived! Arnwine was super close to landing a huge 360 whip and Dave threw down a huge tuck flip over the 2nd set. It was pretty wild out, there were thunderstorms just to the North of Middletown and you could see the lightning and hear the thunder, but it never rained. I worked Arnwine like a dog making him just up, over, and onto things for another hour after The Lot so we could get some street photos. Fun session, it's possible we'll be back at The Lot tonight.

Some Lot, Some Street Photos: CLICK HERE

Arnwine bunnyhop tailwhip (whopper)

Blachura tuck flip

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