Temp. Belltown Skatepark

This is the mock up of the "Seasonal" Belltown Skatepark that will be down at Sears Park in East Hampton until the first threat of snow...and will re-open next Spring. Head over to The Belltown Skatepark Blog for more details.

I've already received numerous messages from people bitching cause the ramps aren't "big enough" and "there is no box jump?" Let me break it down for you...

1. This is a temporary park, it needs to stay on the smaller side so it can all be disassembled and taken away to storage for the Winter months

2. This park is for skaters and riders. A wedge to wedge is usable by everyone, a huge box jump isn't

3. I'm not in charge of the park project, just helping out, so don't rant to me! If I haven't seen you guys at any of the skatepark meetings, your input doesn't matter! Make an effort to help out, then you can talk!

4. Be grateful the town is willing to work with the riders and skaters at all. They easily could have said NO SKATEPARK!

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