Riding on "Go Skate Day"

So yesterday was "Go Skate Day", but I don't skate. Arnwine, T, and I headed down to Haven last night just in time to watch the "Go Skate Day" Bar B Q and session die down leaving the park virtually empty for us bikers. By 10 pm there were about 5 skaters left and only a half dozen riders...we had the park all to ourselves. For once I rode and ton and didn't do much with the camera. I was super stoked on Brian Arnwine's bunnyhop and manual madness. Bry has been riding a lot lately and his hop is higher than ever. Check out the photos over at TYRANT's FLickr.

Arnwine 35" hop to manual

I didn't realize the barrier obstacle was still off limits to bikes until we were asked to stop riding it. I was under the impression the barrier event was a 1 day deal and was over. My apologies skater dudes...won't happen again. Hopefully no hard feelings!

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