P. Krol's Playground

Arnwine and I met up with P. Krol and Dave Blachura at Krol's backyard dirt playground. Pete's backyard has seen all kinds of set-ups and several years of Krol Fest, but the new set-up is by far the sickest ever. We rode for a few hours and I shot a few photos here and there. Blachura was going off and Arnwine looked comfortable jumping...not bad for a street shredder! The night ended on a low note when Bry ejected on the 2nd set and gored his right arm pretty bad. We cleaned Bry up and I took him home to have his mother (a nurse) take a look at the carnage. Bry's mom said, "looks like somebody needs stiches", and what did Bry do?...bandage the cut up and go ride street instead. That dude ain't right! Check out the photos HERE.

Blachura in flight

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