The Boy Got Ups!

So Bry Arnwine has been training in a secret lair somewhere in the darkest depths of M-Town. Arnwine's routine includes endless hours of lifting to develop massive forearms and bicep strength...strength that will allow Bry to soar high and take home the gold medal in the Beijing Olympics BMX Bunnyhop. OK, that's BS, but seriously, Bry has been working on his hop and its getting bigger by the day. Tonight Bry was popping over everything in his path including a 38" rail with a 44" drop on the back side. B-B-B-BURLY! Sadly, Mother Nature was enraged and nailed us with thunder, lightning, and downpours cutting our session short. Check out the few photos of Bry I did get to shoot over at TYRANT's Flickr.

38" hop to 49" drop

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