Stunt Show a HUGE success!!!

So I went to the Tri-County Fair today in Northhampton, Mass. to ride with the EXES (East Hampton Extreme Sports Show) team. We put on 3 shows and drew a huge crowd at the fair. My bag of tricks is pretty damn empty, but a couple kids were killing it. Aaron T. from East Hampton, Mass. gets better and better every time I see him, this kid has tons of tricks. Andre P. was throwing down the flips and flip variations. Hector Terremoto of Bulldog Bikes was pulling all sorts of tricks out of his bag, and even after taking it hard a few times he came back to throw a can-can backflip. All in all the fair was a blast and thanks to Matty Still at East Hampton Bike ( for inviting me to come shred. I had a hell of a time just like I always do when I hang out with the East Hampton crew!!!

(I'll add the names of the riders and captions in the morning. It's 1:07 am and I'm dead tired!!!)

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