Oh Shit Schmidt!

So I went over to Schmidt's trails after work today, the so called Wayside Trails. I'll be honest with you, I didn't expect a heck of a lot...maybe a medium sized 6 pack and a few rollers. Well props to Schmidty, the Wayside Trails are rad and I was actually too much of a weenie to jump the better portion of them. These trails require no pedaling, are downhill and fast as hell, have a 6 foot tall berm at the start to generate speed, and are 15 foot gaps and 6 foot lips and landers big. Check out the pictures below to see some of the action. Since I didn't put in an effort riding I put in an effort as camera man and actually used a little bit of my monkey skills to ape my way up some trees for some cool overhead shots. Check it out!

The berm shoots you mach 5 into the first set

The first set....a 4 foot lip to 6 foot lander

The all too popular "Schmidt Whip"

Making the 15 foot gap look effortless

12 feet overhead as Schmidt rips out of the berm

10 feet overhead as Schmidt rips into the berm

Schmidt.....the trail boss!!!

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