Guilford Session

So I went to the Guilford Park today to meet Don Pavelka and Craig Samuels from Madison. The fellas are back in CT for a week on vacation from school in Rhode Island. I brought David Blachura along to add a little MTB flavor to the session. Right from the "get go" it was the Don Pavelka Show! Tailwhips over everything, downside whip, no footed x-up, can can x-up, 360's......basically it was never ending. This kids bag of tricks is bottomless! As for the rest of us, we had a good time. I did a wallride that was kinda cool, David was doing sprocket/fork grinds and hucking himself over huge gaps, and Craig was doing some sweet tables and distasters to 180's out. Anyway, it was a rad session and the weather was ideal. I am so glad fall is here!

That's a no footed can can.....can you say extended!

Tailwhip transfer from 6 foot to 5 foot

Spine to far side of the hip gap with a 270 X-up thrown in for fun

Craig with a table over the hip

Me wall slapping out of the hip

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