Monday Meltdown!

Bry, Brandon and I headed up to the Windsor Locks Park for a mid-day session. The sun was in full effect and the temp was 93 when we rolled into town. The session was pretty short lived due to no shade and hellish temps, but I was still able to get a few photos and a bunch of clips. Bry is running pegs again after 3 or so years without them and he's a grinding you'll see by his 40" double peg and feeble at the park. We made a brief stop at the GMP park so Brandon could say what's up to a buddy of his. The afternoon brought some much needed shade at the trails. Brandon was on a mission to land a flair and by 5:00PM he had. The local kids were boosting all the lines, big and small. Damn youngins'! All in all a fun day of riding despite the heat.

Monday meltdown photos: CLICK HERE

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