I tagged along with Steve to the GMP Jam in Enfield to watch the madness and shoot some photos. The day got started with the Bunnyhop Contest and Seth Bernard and Jimmy Oakes dueling for the win at 40". Jimmy finally took the win clearing the bar with a wild horizontal style hop. The Long Jump Contest was ridiculous. The wedge ramp was a solid 2' high and people were hucking themselves. The jump off came down to Seth Bernard and RJ Legault both jumping a solid 30' or so with Seth eventually taking the win at some stupid far length! Highest Air on the Hip went to James Nelson who somehow blasted 6-7' out of the 4' hip. There were two games of Footdown and Steve was the runner up both times. Bummer, the damn youngins took him out! Jimmy Oakes won the first round and a GMP local the 2nd. I'm not sure who ended up winning the Best Trick Contest? Seth somehow managed to wallride the 2 x 6 sub rail on the back of the quarterpipe and Danny Todd dumped his whole bag of tricks on the ramp! All in all it was a fun jam despite the scorching heat and no shade at all.

After the jam a ton of people went to the Green Manor Trails. With all the rain on Friday the trails were in pretty good condition, nice and tacky. People were boosting like usual, but the highlight was def Jimmy Oakes throwing down a flair/360 flip hybrid on the dirt quarter. He didn't end up landing it clean, but regardless it was nuts and he was damn close.


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