News Blast!

Instead of putting up a bunch of different posts I'm smashing a bunch of new info into this one...

Sean Milnes is hanging up the fixed gear for a bit and getting on a BMX bike. In the very near future Sean should be on a tricked out new 20" ride and will be joining us for some Haven sessions.

Dave Blachura is on a top secret new ride. It's still a 26"...but you'll have to see him in person for details. Look for Dave to be going huge at Haven and any other indoor spots in New England now that The Lot is snowed over.

Tiny TYRANT painted his bike for the like the 50th time this year. Rumor has it his once 4.8 lb frame now weighs 7 lbs. due to all the paint. Maybe that's why the damn thing cracked...from the weight of all that paint!

Aaron Tauscher is doing well rehabbing from his seriously busted leg a few weekends ago. He has a follow-up appointment this week to check on his surgical wounds and the stability of his leg...I'll have details soon. Glad to see Aaron staying strong!

The Team EAST & DropOut BMX crews are headed down to Woodward this weekend and sadly I have prior engagements here in CT and can't tag along as originally planned. Have fun guys!

Rumor has it that come Spring the East Hampton Park & Rec. may be kicking in some cash toward the revitalization or the seasonal Belltown Skatepark down at Sears Park. Pedal Power is already donating a couple grand and with new money from the town we should have some serious cash to buy wood and supplies. Steve Morse is working a new carpentry job and will be bringing his wood working skills to the plate this Spring to get that park dialed. Spring couldn't get here soon enough!!!

That's it! Have fun, ride bikes!

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