Middletown Skatepark???

Apparently the City of Middletown is considering putting a skatepark in the North End, but there is no mention of BMX in the article! Click the Press link below and leave a positive, pro-skatepark, pro-bike comment letting them know riders and skaters are equally as important in the community and we need a skatepark! In addition, I set up links to key players in the potential skatepark development. E-mail them too and let 'em know what's up.

The Middletown Press Skatepark Article

UPDATE: 12/12/09
I noticed this morning that Izzi Greenberg from the North End Action Committee commented on the Press article:

" I think the idea would be to have BMX'ers and skaters together. The rep from Spohn Ranch had great ideas about how to make the space good for both."

That's awesome news!

I still encourage you riders, skaters, parents, etc. to voice your opinion and let the powers that be know a skatepark is a great idea! Strength in numbers, remember that!

REMEMBER: Keep your message positive and be respectful!!!

E-mail Mayor Sebastian N. Giuliano
E-mail Ray Santostefano, Director of Parks & Recreation

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