Cromwell Riverside Trails

So I stopped by the site of the old Cromwell Riverside Trails on my way to work today after hearing rumors that some locals were rebuilding them. To my surprise, the rumors were true and jumps are being built down there...but it looks like a young crowd is behind the resurrection. The dirt jumps are small with lots of debris like old tires and scrap wood used to make them. There is an old truck hood set up as a wallride and there is one jump that is literally 1 foot tall with a 10-12" gap. I'm glad local kids are riding and building down there again, but nothing will beat the solid 6 pack and table top that used to exist down there 10 years ago.

Cromwell Trails Photos: CLICK HERE


Jim A said...

Man I remember spending hours Down there all the time haha
my little bro goes down there all the time now

rideTYRANT.com said...

Back from 1999-2002ish we'd hang out down there on occasion in the Summer. The jumps used to be so much bigger and we built. The stuff down there is so shady and small now, but it's good to see kids are riding!