Pump Track 122

So I started building the pump track out at the East Haddam house today. I gave up on building legit trails since I'm scared sh!tless to jump anything big after my skull fracturing crash last year. The soil is insanely rooty so it took me a ton of time to do a little work. I got the first berm and roller set underway and watered them down. Hopefully tomorrow afternoons rain will pack them pretty solid and I can complete them early next week. My plan for the track is:

Left Berm > Roller Set > Double > Right Berm > Roller > Medium 4 Pack > Right Berm > Triple Roller Set > Small 4 Pack

Should be a pretty fun set-up and I'm hoping to have it complete by June 1st. I'm also planning on building an area to session with a dirt quarter to hitching post, a dirt quarter to wallride, and a rail cemented into the ground. If anybody wants to come dig shoot me a message or give me a ring...I'll be there at least 2 nights a week.

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