30 Minutes in East Boston

T and I hit up the Winthrop and East Boston Skateparks for 2 quick sessions this morning. 5 minutes after arriving at the Winthrop Park I cased airing out the 6 foot mini and went OTB onto my right arm. Ouch...sheet metal ramp burn! We packed up and headed over to the East Boston Park, which is in a shady area! Homeless dudes, people in the bushes around the park, and an all around eerie feeling. We rode for about 30 minutes before getting the hell out of dodge. T was attempting some pedal feeble grinds and I'm going to be so stoked when she gets the feel and balance to land them. I popped a pretty fun icepick up a ledge which I was happy with. Good times in a not so good hood.

Riding Photos: CLICK HERE

T attempting a pedal feeble

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