4 Parks in 6 Hours...solo!

Today was amazing, the ideal Spring day (even though Spring is still 6 days away!). It was in the low 50's and I rode for 6 hours traveling to 4 different parks. T was in Rhode Island for the day and Arnwine and Schmidt were busy, which left me and my bike traveling around CT for the day solo. I started out at the Bristol Park watching "Tiny TYRANT" and his friends kill it. 7 stair set 180's and 360's, free coaster madness, and I even witness a skater break his nose taking a mean digger. Somebody please explain to me how this helmetless kid only walks away with a broken nose and every time I fall on my face I lose teeth, require stitches, and get concussions...and I have my helmet on! That ain't right! The man, the myth, the legend, "The Hammer" showed up to skate the bowl and was killing it. He has a wife, 2 dogs, and a new home, but the dude finds time to skate...priorities! I made a quick exit from Bristol as droves of kids flocked to the park between 1-2pm. I hit up Newington, Wethersfield, and the Cromwell Park, each for an hour and then headed home. My whole body hurts, my left knee is the size of a grapefruit, and I have a vicious blister on my right pinkie. Damn I love riding!

Today's Photos: CLICK HERE

Reed Zacharias boosting the hump at Wethersfield

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