1st Saturday of Spring

T and I took a drive down to scope out the Stratford Park where next weekends jam is taking place. The park is small, but has a lot of potential and it should be a fun day. Keep your fingers crossed for good weather. Right now the weather man is saying 75% chance of rain for next Saturday! After Stratford we headed to Macisco's shop to get T a kayak and some boating accessories. Mike's shop was jamming, which is great to see! Lots of BMX kids visiting the shop and tons of other customers. While waiting for Mike I helped out hustling a few repairs up from the basement and installing a wedge post and new seat on a BMX bike flashing back to my Pedal Power days. Thanks for taking care of us Mike and staff! This afternoon I picked up Arnwine and we sessioned Newington for a few hours before heading to Clinton to meet up with the Baklik brothers. Bryan was going off at Newington manualing the box rail, pulling out downside fastplants, tailwhips, and other ninja moves. Steve B. is off to hike the Appalachian Trail for the next few months which is totally rad and he's trying to get some solid riding time in before he leaves. Don't be fooled, Steve may be rocking a huge beard these days, but it doesn't weigh him down! He was boosting Clinton's mini-ramp! Arnwine found a hurdle and decided to test his ups...and he's got 'em! The sun was shining, it wasn't too cold, and lots of fun was had! Spring is here and I'm stoked to be riding and spending time with friends!

Today's Photos: CLICK HERE


skullhead said...

You installed a seat on some kid's bike? I thought that tools feared and hated you?.... said...

...only when used on a geared bike