My Ride

So I've received numerous e-mails, mostly from younger riders out there, asking what my bike set-up is. In addition, Don mentioned doing a bike check on his blog and it prompted me to take action.
It doesn't matter what you ride, as long as you are having fun
...but just for the hell of it here it goes...

My Ride
21" S & M Stricker (2003 model)
-Odyssey Hazard Lite LHD Hub laced to 48 hole Primo Balance Rim (Rear)
-Odyssey 10 tooth one piece driver
-1999 DK 3/8" sealed hub laced to 36 hole Primo Hula Hoop Rim (Front)
-Odyssey Pro Dirt Fork
-Chris King Headset
-Superstar Stem
-Macneil Lighter Bars
-Coalition Team Grips
-TYRANT Bar Ends
-Dia-Tech Dirt Harry Brake Lever
-Odyssey Liner Brake Cable - Glow in the Dark
-Odyssey Evo 2 Brakes
-Kool Stop Fat Pads
-Shadow Chain
-Shadow Lite Sprocket - 28 Tooth
-Odyssey Cielenski Pedals - Sealed Magnesium
-Primo Powerbite Cranks - 180mm
-Primo Euro BB
-Titanium 22mm Spindle
-TYRANT Seatpost Clamp (Prototype)
-Coalition Seatpost
-Shadow Pneumbra Seat - Whittion Model
-Primo Pro Taj Tires Front & Rear
-Macneil Ti-Pegs

-Cut down axles
-Disc brake clip to hold brake cable against frame
-Custom paint job by Black Magic Bikes
-2 inches cut off seatpost
-Old school cantilever brake springs used in my EVO 2's
-Foam pencil grip over brake lever for comfort (thanks to Tiny Tyrant!)
-Black spray painted front spokes & hub
-3 stars, 1 moon, and 1 tiger paw spoke beads on front wheel

-26.2 lbs.

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