Below are the 4 new shirt designs that are available, with 2 more soon to follow!!! These shirts are going to be made-to-order. In other words, you pick from the shirt options, choose a size, and I'll custom print the shirt for you. Check out the details below!

TYRANT Made-To-Order's:
Short Sleeve - $12 - Available in just about every color of the rainbow!!!
Long Sleeve - $15 - Available in 12 colors
Hoodie (non-zip up) - $25 - Available in 12 colors

**$2.00 shipping cost if I have to mail it to you**

-Local Buyer in CT: 3 days
-Out of State: 7-10 days (till you receive it)



"MADNESS" - Design courtesy of Shawn Hebrank

"LOVE FOR RIDING" - Design courtesy of Shawn Hebrank

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