Sick Sunday Sessions!

Yesterday was an amazing day of riding! A crew of us met up at the Groton Skatepark at 7 am to session before the skaters and cops kicked up out. A ton of insane trickery went down before some stupid mother decided she was going to call the cops because there were bikes in the skatepark. If my life ever becomes that worthless, that the highlight of my Sunday if ratting out a bunch of 20 somethings on bikes for being in the skatepark, somebody please shoot me! Try reading the Sunday paper or going to church or going to breakfast; get a life you miserable F! As you can see I was and still am really heated over it!!! Anyway, check out the photos at Tyrant's Photos of Flickr The highlight of my day was the PETA sticker I had in my car....

Don Pavelka ain't right!!!

Craig Samuels with a brakeless icepick

Don inverting

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