Multiple Sunday Sessions

Knowing that we were in store for another gorgeous day, I made plans to do a ton of riding. Two of my co-workers and I put in some miles on the mountain bikes this morning at Hurd Park. I had to get a feel for my new frame, I'm racing a cross country MTB race next Sunday. As the afternoon rolled around I picked up Blachura and headed to Schmidt and Mercenary Steve's trails over in central CT. The place is amazing! Props to those 2 for the endless hours of digging they have done! The lines are sweet, but much to burly for me to I took a bunch of photos and posted a few on Tyrant's Flickr. After the trails Dave and I hit up the Newington and Wethersfield Skateparks. It was great, both parks were pretty quiet...not really crowded. Gotta love a Sunday full of riding!

Schmidt flying through the air

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