Mellow Memorial Day

So it was a gorgous day today and I rode for 5.5 hours. I hit up the Newington, Wethersfield, and Rocky Hill parks this morning and rode the East Hampton park (2 quarters and 2 rails) this afternoon. I was nice to spend the better part of the day on the bike enjoying the weather. The sad part is nobody else around here rode today! The so called "crew" has faded away. Lolli rides once or twice a week, but he's the only one besides me! I really wanted to get down to the Stampede warehouse jam, but I couldn't force myself to pay $15 to ride inside all day (even though it was for an AWESOME cause!!!) when it was sunny and 85 out....and nobody else was around to go???

You can't grind the 18 foot curved rail unless you lean downside!

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