MSX Almost Rideable!!!

So Dave B. and I put in another evening at the trails trying to complete the "big" six pack. The jumps are looking great and Dave really did a ton of work on the first lip...its mint! One thing I must say is kids these days are lazy and stupid!!! 3 seperate days these random kids showed up on there bikes and watched us dig for like 15 minutes...and then just rode away with out ever saying a word. Spread the word...if you think you are coming to ride our trails you better put in some digging time. We have a half dozen shovels, rakes, a pick axe...grab a tool and make yourself useful! I hate to sound like a jerk but we have put in endless hours of digging and the local weiners think they can just waltz in whenever and ride the trails. This year....NO WORK, NO PLAY! AND WE WILL TELL YOU TO LEAVE! Check out the photos at Tyrant's Flickr.

The first 6 pack is looking good!

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