Another Evening at MSX

So a crew gathered at the MSX trails tonight to dig and we made a bunch of progress. The 1st and 2nd doubles are piled up, they just need a good packing and some tranny sculpting. We took down a 1 foot thick dead tree with a hand saw which turned out to be a half hour ordeal involving about 5 people. All in all it was a good time and a great sign of the days of summer to come.

The 2nd double is looking nice! 6 foot lip - 15 foot gap - 6 foot lander

1 hand saw - 2 workers - 2 spectators - 1 dead tree - 30 minutes - PRICELESS!!!


skullhead said...

yeah....and some dude with a camera to document any 'would-be-carnage'. That was one of the sketchiest ordeals I've been involved in in a long time! It's a wonder that no one lost any fingers or toes! said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator. said...

Finges or toes? Its a wonder nobody got trapped under the freakin' tree!!! That was shady for was 8:45 and pitch black in the middle of the wilderness. Wow that was stupid!