Riding other bikes, other places

I received a few e-mails and messages on MySpace this week from fellow riders complaining that I haven't been at the parks much lately, and asking if I am still riding. I have ridden 12 out of the last 14 days (probably more than you guys that felt the need to harass me.) If you know me personally you know that I don't just ride BMX. In the Spring and Summer months I am also an avid "Spandex Jockey" (road biker) and mountain biker. I have a new mountain frame on the way and I'm looking to get back into mountain bike racing a bit this year, something I did a ton in my later high school days and into college. BUT I am still shredding the BMX bike, so no worries. I rode street twice last week and hit up the Newington and Wethersfield Parks with Craig Samuels and Garrett P on Saturday.....despite the fact I was coughing up my lungs! In addition, I live a half hour from most of the parks and gas prices are high as hell, so I've been riding local spots. So to all you fellas who think I'm not riding, CHECK YO SELF FOOLS! Call me, IM me, MySpace message me, E-mail me, send a smoke signal, or even a carrier pigeon if you wanna ride. I ride daily!

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