Rain out!

So I really wanted to ride BMX this weekend, but Mother Nature has other plans. I'm protesting gas prices so I am not driving anywhere far to ride, and all the nice indoor parks are out of state, so it looks like I am going to have to settle for watching BMX DVD's instead. Last week we had a great gathering on my patio to ring in the Spring season with a fire and all (well we lit a bonfire in my 18" Weber Grill), this week its under water...check out the photo. Keep checking back for photos of P. Krol's Dirt Mecca in his backyard. I here its off the hook this year and Dave Blachura learned backflips...does he stop progressing?!?!? Ride your bikes and have fun doing it!

My patio table is a lake! No patio party at the "Tyrant's Lair" this week!

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