Finally made it to P. Krol's

So I finally made it to P. Krol's, haven't been since the new line and quarter pipe went up. Blachura was blasting as usual and Pete was flying pretty high himself. Dave didn't pull out any backflips today because he was riding with a blown apart bottom bracket...yet he was still airing 10-12 feet up off the wooden booter! The line is sweet and its only 1/4 of the way done. The hip/roll-in, new 6 pack, satellite wallride, and spine haven't even been put in yet. I shot a few photos, check them out at Tyrant's Flickr. I apologize that the action shots are a tad blurry, I still don't have my new camera dilaed in! Soon though!

Dave Blachura with a nice "Squirrel Seat-Grab". Its the hottest trick in Poland right now and Dave is bringing it to the US with dialed style!

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