FREE Stickers - DONATIONS for posters

So I got my hands on a bunch of stickers and posters from Shawn Hebrank that I am looking to get out to everyone. The stickers are totally rad and most importantly FREE!!! The posters seen below are also available to all those who make a donation (suggested donation is $5....but any little will help!). The money made from the posters is going to Shawn's latest art venture "The Bird Flu"...its going to be an epidemic and overtake the state! Shirts are going to be available really soon and he has bags already available on his site (follow the link above!) These bags are great for riders, they are ideal for pads or your helmet and they are inexpensive. I'm also psyched to say that the new Tyrant stickers will be in this week and LIMITED EDITION Tyrant poster, hand drawn by Shawn Hebrank, will be available shortly...keep your eyes peeled here!!!!

Posters are available, please make a donation and pick one up!!!!

FREE STICKERS! E-mail me via Tyrant BMX or find me at the skatepark.

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