6 hours of riding on a Sunday

So D. Whip and I started our Sunday at the Begins mini-ramp and as usual Brandon was killing it right from the get-go! "Tiny Tyrant" was airing out of the 7 footer higher than I've ever seen him and he's starting to get flatties down! What I was stoked on was the fact that Steve, "Tiny Tyrants" dad, worked all morning and came home to us riding the ramp. Most fathers would plop down on the couch and take in some NCAA Basketball Tournament this time of year, but not "Pops". He came home and in a matter of 10 minutes was suited up and out on the ramp ripping it with rad!!!!! Anyway, we had a good session at the mini and then Dean and I headed to Wethersfield and Newington for a few before heading home. Nothing beats a whole day of riding with good friends!!!! Thanks much for having us over guys!!! The first day of Spring is tomorrow, bring on the warm weather!!! I took a few pics of the guys, check them out at Tyrant's Flickr

Most "almost 40 year olds" were not killing it on a mini-ramp today, they were probably sitting on there butt!!!! Steve was getting rad on the backyard ramp airing out the 6 footer.

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