That's what friends are for

So a crew got together to go out for an early evening street session. What was suppost to be a 3 man crew quickly turned into 7, with Matt Lolli and his camera gear being one of the add ons. Sessions are always a goodtime when Matt is shooting, it kinda pushes people to step up or at least try things out of the ordinary. We started at the North End Banks tooling around on the mini-sub box and hip. We then discovered a wicked slant wall made out of various bricks and stones in front of a brick & tile store. This wall is actually an advertisement with the companies name and product samples on it, but it made one hell of a wall ride. After a short session a local resident decided he had enough and informed us from his porch that he was calling the know what happened next...we split! The session then headed across town to the Baptist Church (as seen on Matt Lolli's Blog). That ended up being a bust because the church lot was full. Steve A. decided to bump jump the curb and wall ride a chainlink fence topped with barbed wire. He went super high on it, but the spring action of the fence ended up launching him off his bike and into a crash. After that the crew split; the youngin's went home to do homework and the rest of us sessioned the M.P.G Wallride. Once again, Steve A., who rides once every 2 weeks, was throwing down some serious wallrides with a couple over head height. If you know this spot the kicker is grass and dirt and like a foot tall so over head height is pretty burly. Anyway, after a few days of being a bit out of it and kinda bumming I really needed a fun session with friends. Thanks for calling me guys!

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skullhead said...

Anytime bro! That session was super fun!